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CNC Pole Shut-Welding Machine Specially For 5G pole

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CNC straight seam welding pipe machine, model: HM800/12000

CNC straight seam welding pipe machine, model: HM800/12000
roller type
Designed for 5G pole, power pole, high pole light pole
Diameter range: 200~800m

, Thickness: 5~12mm, Length: 12000
Standard single arc single wire submerged arc welding machine

Scope of use: suitable for longitudinal automatic welding of large length middle pole, 5G pole, power pole, high pole light pole

NC necking straight seam welding
This machine is usually suitable for welding polygonal and circular tapered size, more suitable for a piece of steel rod (a weld). The welder is an automatic welding line, the car is equipped with adjustable speed motor, can pull the pole movement. The hydraulic cylinder drives the pinch roller to tighten the middle rod and weld at the same time.

Exclusive Features:

  1. CNC automatic adjustment, CNC system, with the rod diameter changes, automatic adjustment of pressure, automatic adjustment of presser foot position, automatic matching feeding speed and position, to keep the weld is always in the state of closure, to ensure smooth welding.
  2. Ensure that the welding seam of the rod is free of torsion after welding on the basis of the qualification of the previous process, and no personnel need to pry the torsion rod behind the machine to align the welding seam.
  3. The push rod is controlled by frequency conversion, with electric brake stop function to ensure the stability of head and tail welding. From head welding to tail welding, there is almost no unwelded length left at head and tail, and manual repair welding is not required at the tail length of 100~200 mm.
  4. The number of presser feet is 3 sets, which has the advantages of reducing the pressure of the presser feet on the surface of the street lamp pole, beautiful surface, reducing the influence of indentation, and being suitable for producing octagonal poles, multi-edge poles and conical poles. It can be of equal diameter or conical.
  5. The trolley can be quickly and electrically returned to the set position without manual pushing, thus reducing the labor intensity of operators
  6. Rear push trolley with pneumatic clamping device, simple and fast compared to manual clamping
  7. submerged arc welding function
  8. The discharging side is roller type, which is convenient for loading and unloading and is beneficial to realize the automation of upstream and downstream of materials. The loading and unloading can be arranged on one side of the machine, so that the operator can be prevented from moving forward and backward for a long distance, and the operator only needs to work at the position of the host machine, thereby greatly reducing the labor intensity of the operator.
  9. the rear guide plate with a rod is self-adaptive adjust, that position of the welding seam is rarely adjust in actual operation, and the labor intensity of operators is reduced
  10. Through the camera installed on the machine head, the welding seam is reflected on the screen on the console, so that the tracking of the welding seam is simple and easy, and the labor intensity of the operator is reduced

11. Self-developed oil pressure and control synchronization system, reducing the requirements of the rod, making the welded rod, round, small deformation.
12. Operator: 1 person.

The machine consists of the following parts:

  1. Long table for trolley movement
  2. main gantry
  3. trolley drive
  4. Rear discharge roller
  5. Hydraulic clamping section (including pinch roller, for middle bar)
  6. Submerged arc welding system with wire feeding system
  7. flux recovery system
  8. hydraulic system
  9. control system

Technical parameters


Diameter range of weldable rods



Length of solderable pole

12000 mm


Weldable rod thickness

5~12mm, Q235, Q345


Number of presser feet

3 units


Oil pump motor power

3+3 KW


Mobile motor power

5.5KW. Motor, speed adjustable


vertical jacking stroke



operating height

Distance from the lower corner of the pole to the ground: 700~750mm


welding machine

submerged arc welding
Standard: single arc single wire welder, 1000A


wire diameter

Different diameter wire can be selected according to rod thickness


welding speed

0.8~2.5m/min Stepless adjustable Note: different thickness, different speed)


welding direction

Weld from big end to small end
or welding from the small end to the large end,


penetration rate

80 %


electrical component

Schneider France brand


CNC system PLC



Hydraulic pump main motor brand

Wannan electric machinery


trolley motor

Wannan electric machinery


Welding machine brand




15 tons


overall size

26000x4000x4500 mm (LXWXH LW H)